​​​​Energy Flow/Vinyasa: a steady flow of movement aimed at building strength and endurance.  All levels welcome.

Weekly Wind Down: Begin with gentle but challenging poses and build into longer holds for a deeper yet relaxing workout with a foundation of Yin Yoga.                                                

Yoga for Recovery (Y12SR):Opens with a  version of a supportive 12 step meeting and ends with a no less than a 45 minute yoga practice aimed at supporting recovery.  Falcon Judo Club 515 SW 71st Ave. Miami @ 5:00 p.m. November 12th, December 10th & more TBA. Donation Based Class.  Classes are currently for women.  Pricing is the same as Yoga 4 Cancer Classes. 

Yoga 4 Cancer (Y4C):  Specialized yoga for those with or in recovery from cancer.  Family are also welcome. Particular poses are introduced to help rebuild the body and detox from chemotherapy along with supporting the flow of lymph fluid for healing.  Falcon Judo Club 515 SW 71St Ave. Miami 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. November 12th , December 10th & More TBA. $13.00 drop in or purchase a prepay card for discount pricing of $10.00 per class for 4 classes to be used within the first 5 months of purchase.  

Private Yoga:  If you have individual needs you might find private yoga of benefit.  Tamera can match the types of yoga you might benefit from to address any need such as general relaxation, to improving upon strength training, or addressing specialized topics such as depression, anxiety, pain management, or insomnia.  

Office Yoga:  Learn how to stretch and move while sitting or standing to maintain a healthy spine, body, and mind.  Basic principles of breathing and meditation are also included.  Custom workshops can be added to address stress management & more.

Life & Recovery Coaching:  There are also options for personal yoga and lifestyle coaching.  Enhance your outcome by finding ways to work on physical wellness while also exploring ways to improve personal goals and lifestyle balance.

The cost of workshops and corporate programs vary per length of presentation, equipment needs, travel time, and number of participants.  Feel free to contact Tamera for a quote.   Classes can also be scheduled at 515 SW 71st Ave. in Miami, FL 33144.



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Available Classes

Yoga and mindful meditation & life coaching services are for everyone. We aim to offer classes for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Contact Tamera for a free consultation and custom program.